Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maker Faire wrap-up: Part 2 - Workshop Photos

During Maker Faire, I did a few workshops at my booth, teaching attendees with digital cameras how to shoot stereoscopic still images with a single camera via the "cha-cha" method of taking one photo with your weight on your left foot, and one photo with your weight shifted to your right foot. This essentially gives you a matched stereo pair, as long as the subject isn't moving during the two shots. A more detailed tutorial can be found on the SCSC website.

What was really cool was that I challenged people at the booth to go out with their digital cameras and take a 3-D picture during Maker Faire, and if they brought their memory card back to my table, I would align their photo and make an anaglyph print for them to take home. Over the course of the event, I had 5 people come back with photos - one woman, who came by on Saturday with only a camera-phone, was so excited to try this that she returned on Sunday with a better camera.

So here are the efforts of some first time stereo photographers:

I'd like to add photo credits to these, so if you took one of these, please email me with your full name, and let me know which one is yours.

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