Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is my latest 3-D short film, Elevation. This little micro-budget short won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon at the National Stereoscopic Association convention in July, and was invited to screen at the Directors Guild Digital Day in August.

Here on the blog, the video is posted as an anamorphically squeezed crossview. Click through the video below to get to the youtube 3-D player, with a pulldown menu to allow you to select from a number of stereoscopic viewing methods including red-cyan anaglyph and parallel. And bug youtube to add the player to video embeds!

Elevation was produced as a sketchbook assignment through Filmmakers Alliance, a cinema collective based in Los Angeles, and had to follow the following rules: Make a film that is 3 minutes long, has only one line of dialog, uses primary colors, and includes a gun, a religious symbol, and underwear.

It was shot on a twinned pair of Canon TX-1 point-and-shoot consumer cameras, using a firmware hack to provide stereoscopic synchronization tools. The post production pipeline consisted of the freeware program Stereo Movie Maker, which was used for alignment and parallax convergence adjustments, and Adobe Premiere which was used for picture and sound editing.

The entire project was completed in less than 48 hours - the 3 hour shoot took place on the evening of Wednesday, July 1, 2009, and post production was finished by Friday afternoon, July 3.

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