Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Sunday I participated in this event at Machine Project:

“A Practical Demonstration”

Part One: On Sunday July 6th at 6pm a stuntman will leap from Machine Project’s 2nd story window. We would like to invite folks to attend the leap, with a miniDV video camera (everyone’s got one nowadays, we can probably even supply you with one if you don’t). The videographers will be arranged in a large circle on the ground around the spot where the body will fall. They will document the leap and then turn over their video footage (tapes to be provided, unless you want to donate one). This footage will then be edited to create a very clumsy “Matrix” effect that suspends the stuntperson in mid-air with a 360 degree pan. We would like to get at least 40 people to film, so tell a friend.
This Friday is part two:

All day at the gallery we’ll be projecting continuous live broadcasts tracking the sun as it travels around the Earth, with help from camera-ready friends and volunteers worldwide. (We still need a volunteer cameraperson in Cape Verde if you know anyone.)

We’ll also be screening the final edited footage of our stunt jumper.
I cut together some of my own 3-D footage of the stunt jumping.

Stunts at Machine Project 3-D from Eric Kurland on Vimeo.