Saturday, August 1, 2009

DGA Digital Day

Today I'm giving a presentation at the Director's Guild as part of their Digital Day 2009. My talk covers the topic "3-D on a Dime" and I'll be outlining my hardware and software solutions for creating microbudget 3-D content, including a screening of my short Elevation.

My friend Ray Zone calls what I do "3-DIY" or Do-It-Yourself 3-D, and I like that so much that I'll be starting a website soon full of resources for the indie 3-D filmmaker. It'll be located at, appropriately enough,

Here is my powerpoint presentation from the event:


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I was at DGA Digital Day yesterday. Your presentation was the coolest surprise of the day. Awesome that 3D can be done DIY, driven by passion, not studio bucks. And this coming from me, one of the writers of Tron Legacy... Richard Jefferies

m said...

Do you know if you film 3d using two cameras side by side, would it have any decent effect moving one camera down an inche, so there's a small height difference? WOuld that ruin it or give it a bit more depth? Or would it just dizzy you into a migraine LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric!

I was at the DGA Digital Day and loved your presentation on DIY 3D. I would love to interview you for our podcast show called New Media Insider and talk about DIY 3D. Our audience members are made up of all sorts of new media and digital media creators including indie filmmakers. This interview would be conducted via the phone and last around 20 minutes. You would get the questions ahead of time. Are you interested in doing it? Please contact me at marcelo at centerfornewmediastudies dot com. Thanks.
- Marcelo